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Auger boring is also known as dry boring because unlike other methods of boring, no slurry is generated. During auger boring, a cutting head with a slightly larger diameter than the casing pipe excavates the soil just in front of the casing.

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The company’s auger boring capability ranges in size from 300 – 2100 mm in diameter, dependent upon equipment, soil conditions and the length of the installations. Bothar has many types of cutting heads, ranging from teeth cutters for cutting through soil to disc heads for boring and cutting through hard rock.

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Auger Boring Machine Top for short drives _____ Auger Boring Machines are used for the successful installation of sewage ducts and pipelines and for crossings beneath …

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Our Auger Boring Machines pack extreme torque in a heavy-duty frame to tackle a variety of subsurface conditions, from hard rock to cobblestone. We built our reputation on …

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An Auger Boring Machine (ABM) bores through soil or rock with a cutting head attached to the ‘lead’ auger to install steel casing pipe, depending on the project. While this is an established and cost-effective method, one of the limitations with auger boring has been accuracy constraints.