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Based on the Tunnel Rats of the Vietnam war, 1968 Tunnel Rats is a thrilling ... While Boll's war movie fails to explore the tunnel setting in detail, [i]Tunnel Rats ...

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The U.S. military creates a special combat unit that’s designed to track and kill Viet Cong soldiers in underground tunnels during the Vietnam War.

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It contains the best Vietnam War ... like Tunnel Rats. The best Vietnam movies place the war ... You can click on any of the Vietnam movie names for more ...

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Jun 28, 1985 · American officers in Vietnam viewed the short, wiry combat engineers as SWAT teams to be summoned whenever a suspicious hole was found in the ground. To fellow GIs, these ``Tunnel Rats`` were cocky

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Jan 14, 2016 · Tunnel rats were US, Australian and Newzelander soldiers who went inside Viet Cong(VC) tunnels to kill any VC inside, gather any Intel, recover arms and finally demolish the tunnels by planting explosives.Their unofficial moto was ” Non gratum anus rodentum” in Latin.