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[for a baby or young person] to have new teeth emerging through the gums. Billy is cranky because he's cutting teeth. Ann cut her first tooth this week.

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How to use cut a tooth in a sentence. to have a tooth begin to come through the gums ... Their baby daughter cut her first tooth yesterday. Word by Word Definitions.

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To cut a tooth, one's teeth: to have them appear through the gums; also fig. to become knowing, attain to discretion ; ... If you have cut your teeth on something, ... tooth cutouts

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When the tooth breaks through and pops the cyst, your baby may wind up with a mouthful of blood, but it looks a lot worse than it is, says Dr. Hanna.

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Why would a dentist give a root canal treatment and then cut off the crown of the treated tooth/teeth?

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After the root canal treatment dentists cut off the crown of the treated tooth because it causes you damage your teeth and infection problems. 61 Views. Brian J Dowd.