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Casing Cutter. This internal casing cutter cuts below or above ground. Standard unit cuts 6" casing, and by adding simple adapters can cut 8", 10", and 12" casing.

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Hydraulic pipe and mechanical casing cutters work for many sizes of pipe ... sever single or multiple strings of casing or drillpipe ... increase flexibility, reduce rig time, eliminate the risk of pulling the tool before the string has been completely severed.

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E.H. Wachs offers two different styles of casing cutters, our versatile ECC External Casing Cutter and the EICC External Internal Casing Cutter, both based on Wachs proven and reliable split frame technology.

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The Holte Casing Cutter is designed for cutting steel pipe above or below ground. The simply designed body allows the 6” or 16” unit and required adapter to be quickly threaded onto your drill string through the use of standard connections. Once the unit is lowered to the desired depth air pressure is applied while the unit is …

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Bowen Internal Cutters are simple, efficient tools for cutting tubing, casing or drill pipe.