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Watch video · WAZER is raising funds for The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter on Kickstarter! Cut any material with digital precision using high pressure water. A compact waterjet for every workshop.

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Jan 14, 2014 · Hydro: The Low Cost Waterjet Cutter. ... of withstanding the water and abrasive from the cutter. ... want to see you try building the high pressure parts.

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Water Jet Cutting- A Technology on the Rise October 2010 Page 4 Fig. 3 Streamline PRO-I High Pressure Pump from KMT Waterjet Systems Direct …

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The high pressure water is transported through a series of stainless steel tubes to a cutting head. Depending upon the material being cut, the cutting head can be either a "pure water cutting head" or an "abrasive cutting head." In the cutting head, the high pressure water is forced through a small diameter orifice.