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At Slow Food USA, we're dedicating June to "100 Years of Plenty," a fundraising campaign that highlights the Ark of Taste and the importance of biodiversity. Any donation this month will make someone a member, and we want newcomers to join our work and join your chapters! We'd love if you would share this campaign with your Slow Food chapter and local networks, via your social media, email, or newsletters.

The campaign message:

The plight of our biodiversity is more urgent than ever: In the last century, we lost 95% of the agricultural biodiversity in the United States. This pattern is not a future we can afford. Together, we can reverse the tide of food and agriculture losses that defined the last century. Join Slow Food to support 100 Years of Plenty.

The call to action:

Eat Different, Resist Same. Join Slow Food to ensure a biodiverse, biodelicious tomorrow.
Choose culture, not monoculture.
Protect our biodiversity. Support our #100YearsofPlenty campaign.

Social media:
Highlight any Ark of Taste items in your area.
Post photos of Ark of Taste seeds or plants being grown.
Retweet or repost Slow Food USA posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) throughout the month.
Use #100YearsofPlenty.
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